SMART Service Tools Utilize Wireless Sensors Enable Increased Energy Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems not only reduces operating costs, but can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to maintain ideal air quality and temperature levels. Doing so, however, requires detailed and accurate data to enable technicians to identify opportunities for improvement.

Parker Sporlan’s SMART Service Tools replace traditional manifold gauges, utilizing wireless sensors to capture pressure and temperature data and transmit it to a mobile device, where it is automatically processed by an app which performs key calculations.

The data is easy to read, calculate and store, allowing technicians to diagnose issues faster, look at trends over time and provide proof of work when needed.

SMART Service Tools even function remotely, so a technician can be in a different area of a building making adjustments while still measuring pressures and temperatures on the unit itself. Those remote capabilities can save time and extra effort, especially in residential applications.

This technology eliminates the need to carry extensive diagnostic equipment onsite and risk losing refrigerant by disconnecting hoses. 

Whether a residential, commercial or industrial facility, the robust data captured by performing HVAC/R system diagnoses using the SMART Service Tools enable technicians to quickly and easily increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

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