Parker Tracking System (PTS) Labels Significantly Reduce Equipment Downtime

From bulldozers and wheel loaders to massive offshore oil rigs, Parker Tracking System (PTS) labels can be found on the components of industrial equipment around the world. A simple but powerful idea, PTS labels use bar codes and RFID tags to significantly improve the process of servicing equipment.

PTS is a tagging and tracking solution to store, access and monitor critical asset information. Real-time access to this data enables a process known as reliability-centered maintenance by scanning for key metrics that could indicate a potential future issue and enabling technicians to perform maintenance on a piece of equipment before it fails.

There are approximately 15 million PTS tags worldwide, which have reduced equipment downtime by more than 30,000 hours.

Systems do not break down on a fixed or predetermined schedule, but with PTS, operators can not only avoid costly downtime but protect the environment by significantly extending the life of their equipment.

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