Modulated Turbine Clearance Control Valve Improves Aircraft Engine Efficiency

Developing a cleaner, more efficient airplane can benefit airlines, passengers and the environment, but such advancements present a unique challenge in an industry where passenger safety and aircraft reliability are paramount, and changes to aircraft design are implemented only after careful consideration and extensive testing.

To address this challenge Parker has developed the Modulated Turbine Clearance Control Valve (MTCCV) for large civil aircraft. The MTCCV is an actuator-driven butterfly valve used in aircraft engines, which manages airflow to enable the expansion or contraction of the casing surrounding the engine.

By controlling the distance between the casing and the engine’s rotating blades, known as tip clearance, the MTCCV increases the engine’s efficiency.

The benefits of this performance improvement include extended service life, as well as a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.