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Parker PGI Power Valves and Manifolds


PGI Power Valves (PV Series)
PGI PV Series Valves feature the patented PTFE Pressure-Core® Stem Seal with an unmatched five-year warranty. All valves and manifolds are available with a bonnet handle lock-out that prevents unauthorized cycling in either the open or closed position, or an anti-tamper bonnet that allows the bonnet stem to be placed in any position before removing the handle. OS&Y bonnets available. Standard 316 SS models conform to NACE MR0175/ ISO 15156-3.

PGI Power Manifolds (PM Series)
PGI PM Series offers a wide range of manifolds to fit any service, meet any requirement, all with the patented PTFE Pressure-Core® Stem Seal with an unmatched five-year warranty. Our offering of two-, three- and five-valve manifolds ranges from a simple bypass manifold to our sophisticated purge adapter. All are available in a wide range of materials. All 316 SS manifolds meet NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-3 as standard.

Used in various power plant functions:
• Isolation
• Venting
• Pressure
• Block and bleed
• Flow control
• Liquid level


• Leak-free, self-adjusting PTFE Pressure-Core® Stem Seal
• Low-Torque™ Grafoil packing bonnet design to lower stem torque by 50%, reducing stem abrasion and stem damage
  from over-torquing
• Carbide ball "roddable" hard seat design for repeatable “bubble-tight” shut-off
• Valve temperature and pressure ratings to ANSI B16.34 (100% hydrostatic tested)
• Standard ASTM materials in either 316 stainless steel (NACE MR01-75) or carbon steel (coated with zinc phosphate)
  to prevent corrosion
• Metal-to-metal back seat to eliminate stem blowout
• Valve bodies are marked per MSS-SP-25 with "Microlase" laser engraving
• Five-year warranty

> Learn more about Parker PGI Power Valves and Manifolds

Additional Flow Control Products:

Instrumentation Valves
• Ball & Plug Valves
- B Series – ANSI / ASME B31.1 & B31.3 COMPLIANT General Purpose Ball Valves
- HB4 Series – High Pressure Ball Valves
- Hi-Pro Series – ANSI / ASME B31.1 & B31.3 COMPLIANT High Pressure Ball Valves (20,000 psi)
- MB Series – One-Piece Miniature Ball Valves
- MBP Series – Medium Pressure Ball Valves
- PR Series – 316 Stainless Steel Rotary Plug Valves
- SB/SWB Series – Three-Piece Swing-out Ball Valves
- SB/SWB8 Series – Three-Piece Swing-out Ball Valves (with PEEK seats & Grafoil seals)

• Check Valves
- C Series – General Purpose Check Valves
- CB/CBF Series – Dual Fuel Check Valves
- CF Series – Check/Filter Valves
- CO Series – High Performance O-ring Poppet Check Valves
- LC Series – Lift Check Valves
- MPC Series – Medium Pressure Check Valves

Diaphragm Valves
• Nova Series – Economical general purpose valve
• NV55 Series – High flow valve

Manifold Valves & Systems
• CCIMS – Close Coupled & Remote Mount Manifold System
• H Series – ANSI / ASME B31.1 & B31.3 COMPLIANT Three- and Five-Valve Manifolds
• H Series – Two-Valve Manifolds
• Hi-Check Series – Non-Return Valves
• Monoflange Series – ANSI / ASME B31.1 & B31.3 COMPLIANT Double Block & Bleed Manifolds –
  FEMF Series for Ultra-low Class A Emissions
• Parker PGI Power Valves and Manifolds
• Pro-Bloc® Series – Double Block & Bleed Flanged Valves & Manifolds
• R-Max Series – Stream Switching System


• Instrument and steam lines
• Instrument panels
• Sampling systems
• Transmitters
• Pressure gauges
• Steam blowdown lines
• Compressors

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