Single and Dual Stage Pressure Regulators


The IR6000 line of dual stage gas pressure regulators is for general purpose industrial applications, while the 735 Series features tied diaphragms, ensuring positive shut-off. These dual stage regulators from Veriflo dramatically reduce downstream pressure changes as the supply pressure fluctuates.


• 316L stainless steel
• 735 Series features tied diaphragms, ensuring positive shut-off of flow in case of a seat leak
• Elimination of threads in the wetted area for a cleaner flow path
• Metal-to-metal, body-to-diaphragm sealing for high leak integrity
• Up/down stops prevent diaphragm damage
• Welded option available for nuclear

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> Learn more about Parker 735 Series Regulator

Single Stage Pressure Regulators – IR4000/IR4200 Series

Parker Veriflo’s single stage pressure regulators meet a wide variety of industrial gas pressure regulations. With a broad range of flow rates, body constructions, porting options, and seal materials, we can build a regulator to meet your system requirements.


• 316L stainless steel
• Hastelloy® C-22 diaphragms standard
• Close tolerances and tight alignment reduce hysteresis effect, enhancing pressure control
• Threadless design for clean, contamination-free flow path
• Metal-to-metal, diaphragm-to-body sealing for leak-free performance
• PEEK, Vespel®, and PCTFE seat materials
• Welded option available for nuclear

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Additional Flow Control Products:

• Back-Pressure Regulators
- Veriflo ABP1/ABP3 Series
- Veriflo BPR50 Series – High Pressure

• High Flow Regulators
- Veriflo HF 1200 Series
- Veriflo HFR 9000 Series
- Veriflo HFT 1200 Series

• High Pressure Regulators
- Veriflo APR 66 Series (Pressure Reducing)
- Veriflo HPR 800 Series
- Veriflo XPR Series (Pressure Reducing)

• Negative Pressure Regulators
- Veriflo NPR4100 Series
- Veriflo NPR959 Series

• Precision Instrument Regulators
- Porter 8310 Series
- Porter 8311 Series

• PTFE Pressure Regulators
- Veriflo BR-01 & BR-08 Series – PTFE Back-Pressure
- Veriflo PR-01 & PR-08 Series – PTFE Pressure

• Vaporizing Regulators
- Veriflo AVR3 Series – Steam Heated Vaporizing (Pressure Reducing)
- Veriflo AVR4 Series – Electrically Heated Vaporizing (Pressure Reducing)


• Steam atomizing/steam pressure
• Chemical feed systems
• Water treatment and DI water systems
• Fugitive emissions
• Calibration (gas cylinders)
• Continuous emission monitoring (CEMS)
• Compressed air/gas
• Seal gas
• Boiler layup/nitrogen systems
• Analyzer sample systems
• Instrument calibration

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