Sensors and Controllers

Learn more about Parker's Industrial Sensors and Controllers for Fluid System Measurement, Control, Regulation, and Automation.

SensoControl® Industrial SensorsParker's SensoControl® Industrial Sensors are ideal for permanent installation in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications where continuous system monitoring is needed. These precision engineered sensors are rugged in construction and deliver a high degree of dependability and performance with superb stability and resistance to interference.

SensoControl® Industrial Sensors

- SCFT Series – Flow Sensors
- SCPO1 Series – Pressure Sensors
- SCP-EX Series – Explosion Resistant
- SCT Series – Temperature Sensors
- PPD Series – Transducers
- SCPSDi Series – Pressure Switches

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Additional Industrial Controllers & Related Products

Parker’s SensoControl product line is a valuable tool for diagnosing problems both before and after they occur. Today’s hydraulic and pneumatic systems are continuously becoming mo

- SCLSD Series – Level Controllers
- SCLTSD Series – Level/ Temperature Controllers
- SCPSD Series – Pressure Controllers
- SCTSD Series – Temperature Controllers
- PD Series – Test Port Couplings
- SensoControl EO Test Points (Chromium-6 Free)

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