Parker’s Nitrogen generation technology reduces operating cost and downtime

Warsaw, Poland, 8. June 2020 - Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, worked closely with customer, Fering Fit, to solve nitrogen cylinders low safety, high cost and difficult monitoring challenges experienced by SOBOČAN-interijeri d.o.o., a major European manufacturer of business and store interiors based in Mursko Središće, Croatia.


Alen Tomić, area sales manager to Parkers long-standing, authorized distributor Fering Fit, based in Zagreb, Croatia, worked with the company to help resolve Sobočans challenges with a high-pressure nitrogen generation application solution for laser cutting. After conducting a thorough survey of the system and premises, the recommendation was made to install a Parker on-site Nitrogen generation system.


Sobočan produce shelving and display equipment for supermarkets, shops, hotels, and specialist product promotion. They operate three laser cutting machines: a 3kW AMADA CO2 laser, along with a 1kW and a 1.5kW Bodor Fiber laser. Manufacturing stainless steel shelving and display components where a high quality of the cut edge is of extreme importance. The material thicknesses cut are typically 1mm, 3mm and 5mm. Nitrogen is used as the assist gas to prevent oxidization of the cut edge from Oxygen in ambient air, and to blow away molten metal as the laser cuts through the sheet material.


Fering Fit further agreed with Sobočan to make use of their technical skill and expertise. After several months of research and analysis of the Sobočans operation, a 40bar(g) system was identified as the ideal solution, with an advised purity level of 100ppm maximum remaining Oxygen content. Fering Fit designed, engineered and installed a complete turn-key high-pressure Nitrogen system comprising of a Parker NITROSource N2-80PALY Nitrogen generator, OFAS HL 80 adsorption dryer and OIL-X IP-50 high-pressure filters, along with a high-pressure gas booster. It is a technical solution with integrated Parker products; the most essential ones being the Parker NITROSource generator, adsorption dryer and high-pressure filter. This solution allowed for enough storage levels of Nitrogen at 40bar(g) to cope with any peak flows, with a regulated usage pressure of up to 25bar(g) into the laser cutting machines.


The Nitrogen package is now in full operation, providing better cutting-edge results and with much lower operating costs than the previous gas company supply. The payoff from running the Parker NITROSource generator came after 6 months of operation. NITROSource generators significantly reduced the price of Nitrogen as assist gas in laser cutting. The replacement of the Nitrogen cylinders packs, which were potential safety hazards on the worksite, increased safety in the workplace. The CO2 footprint was also reduced as a result of the generated gas, opposed to cylinder packs.


Nitrogen gas from a Parker NITROSource gas generator has been proven to be cleaner and contain less impurities than the gas from cylinder bundles., There is no downtime in production because Nitrogen is generated on-site and on-demand, resulting in no need to wait for new cylinder bundles from suppliers.


This project is Fering Fit’s first high-pressure Nitrogen system installation incorporating a Parker NITROSource PSA generator.


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