Engineers Benefit from Parker’s New Cylinder Sizing Tool

Des Plaines, Il., August 11, 2020 - Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced the availability of a new cylinder sizing design tool. This new sizing tool offers customers is an intuitive online tool to assist in specifying and applying linear actuators to their application.


The new software tool walks a user through basic operating parameters which include fluid media, operating temperatures, available pressure, mounting requirements, push/pull force and stroke. From these basic parameters, the program will look at the motion profile on extend and retract and dwell times to determine cycle times in seconds, minutes and hours.


“We wanted the program to be intuitive and easy to use, one that would easily walk a customer through a logical flow when specifying their cylinder,” said Ken Schoo, Parker Cylinder Division technical support manager and developer of the cylinder sizing tool.    


Other elements when specing a cylinder include bore and rod sizing, stop tube calculations and cushion and port sizing.  Features like calculating stop tube allows a customer to input the standard cylinder features like bore size and basic length, the program will then determine the need for stop tube and required inches.  “The key elements to this program, eliminates the need for customers to look up information utilizing tables or graphs, as well as doing tedious hand calculations,” said Schoo. “This program can quickly do the calculations, which saves customers a great deal of time when specing their cylinder.”  


Besides the advanced calculations of stop tube and cushion sizing, the Parker cylinder sizing tool has other basic calculations like calculating the bore diameter if the operating pressure and force required is known or calculating the output force with operating pressure, bore diameter and rod diameter inputs. 


“Along with eliminating the need for manual calculations, the program has a very logical and methodical order to sizing the customer’s cylinder.  The operating parameters led to the bore calculations, then stop tube and rod diameter can be calculated, following with cushions, port sizing and seals,” said Schoo.  “The goal of this program is to minimize time for an experienced fluid power specialist to spec a cylinder, while assisting new engineers to the field in ensuring they spec the cylinder correctly.”


Once the cylinder has been fully sized, the customer will get a full report on the recommended Parker cylinder. The report will include cylinder series with bore size and any additional requirements they might need to order for their application.


To utilize the latest cylinder tool from Parker, please visit Parker Cylinder Sizing Tool



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