Low Drag D-Rings

Parker’s Purpose is all about how we impact the world around us. It’s about using our expertise to enable engineering breakthroughs. It’s about nurturing customer ideas— from complex challenge to real life application. Finally, it’s about creating a better, more efficient, more sustainable tomorrow. And the Low Drag D-Ring checks every box. 

The project started with a collaboration between two leading U.S. automobile manufacturers. One planned to design a 10-speed transmission for rear-wheel drive vehicles, and the other a 9-speed transmission for front-wheel drive vehicles. With the number of pickup trucks on the road growing each year, both manufacturers were focused on improving fuel efficiency to reduce emissions and comply with government mandates, and both wanted Parker at the table as a sealing expert. 

Parker used its materials science and design expertise to enable an engineering breakthrough— a cost effective alternative to traditional sealing in radial seal applications where low friction is critical.

The O-Ring and Engineered Seals Division in Woodbridge, Illinois modified an existing O-Ring design to develop a new Low Drag D-Ring that helps to reduce drag and improve shifting smoothness and fuel efficiency. 

Each transmission assembly contains 37 Low Drag D-Rings, accounting for approximately 90% of the seals within it. And tests performed on actual parts show Parker's Low Drag D-Rings offer between 30% and 70% reduction in drag versus commonly used molded seals. 

The division collaborated early and often with the transmission designers and engine designers in order to bring this product to market. Today, Low Drag D-Rings are helping to meet stringent government fuel efficiency mandates and improve the driving experience. For Parker, it’s about creating significant value for its customers, minimizing environmental impact and working towards a better tomorrow.

To learn more about Parker's Purpose, please visit parker.com/purpose

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