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3-Day Cylinder Shipping Program

At Parker, we realize we can't put your operations on hold while you wait on an overdue product delivery. That's why we now offer three-day shipping for standard NFPA tie rod hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

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Parker Dump Truck System

Parker now offers everything your dump truck needs with its Dump Truck System. The system includes the redesigned Single Acting Telescopic (SAT) hydraulic cylinder, helping to improve productivity and reduce long-term costs. A higher pressure rating (2,500 psi / 127 bar) allows customers to downsize their cylinder and potentially their hydraulic reservoir.

Parker now offers everything your dump truck needs with its Dump Truck System

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Download specifications and details for the Single Acting Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder.

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Hybrid Actuation System Cylinders (HAS)

This hybrid design combines the control of traditional electromechanical actuators with the power density, longer life, and resistive-force capabilities of traditional hydraulic systems. Ideal for PV and CSP solar panels.

GEN II Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Parker heavy duty hydraulic tie rod cylinders offer the highest initial quality, best in class delivery, optimized performance, extended service life, longer intervals between maintenance and improved serviceability.

Cylinder Division Blogs

Parker Cylinder Division offers a wealth of information about cylinder performance, specifications, and applications. Read and share our latest blog posts and subscribe today!

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December 8, 2018
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October 10, 2018
OEM Design Engineer's Guide to Specifying Hydraulic Cylinders

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