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Find out how our Mobile IoT solutions can reduce asset downtime, eliminate unnecessary spend, ensure compliance and safety as well as gain critical visibility into the performance and locations of your heavy equipment.

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IoT For Heavy, Off-Road Equipment

Mobile IoT is the next generation equipment and hydraulic monitoring cloud-based solution specifically designed to provide sophisticated data, monitoring and performance control capabilities. Mobile IoT makes it easy for off-road equipment OEMs and fleet managers to collect and analyze data to identify usage trends and field-based problems with unparalleled intellectual design and operational insight. We're taking telematics and simple location tracking to remote diagnostics and programming.

Mobile IoT Features

Most off-road equipment manufacturers or fleet managers have connected equipment with built-in telematics sensors, however, IoT solutions take it a step further with customized data to show recommendations to business operations on how to maximize performance and longevity. In addition to the features of a traditional telematics solution and data insights, IoT solutions for heavy equipment offer remote diagnostics and programming, automated reports and frequency and duration use.  When comparing IoT solutions, it is important to recognize that Parker offers the following unique features for OEMs and fleet management companies compared to competitors:

• Simple User Interface • Customizable • Over the Air Updates
• Plug and Play Configurability • Enhanced Connectivity •  Flexible, Future-Oriented Framework
• Implementation Support • Fleet Compliance and Warranty Reporting • Service Plan Options

Annual Cost Benefits Calculator

Smart sensors and telematics help manage assets and prevent failures by optimizing performance across multiple sites. Find out how Mobile IoT solution can reduce asset downtime, eliminate unnecessary spend, ensure compliance and safety as well as gain critical performance visibility. Now you can use our earned value management calculator with your own equipment details to determine your estimated cost savings. Also, gain greater insight on Parker's Mobile IoT value propositions.

Mobile IoT Benefits

Learn more about how you can gain visibility into the location of your mobile equipment as well as automate the identification of equipment problems, take the guesswork out of alarm responses, predict equipment failure, and benefit from condition-based maintenance with Parker's Mobile IoT solutions.

Today’s equipment and machines are more connected than ever before and harnessing this complex data is key to maximizing uptime. By focusing on critical-wear components, Parker drives new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability with innovative IoT solutions specifically design for the heavy equipment market. It is more than the traditional telematics or merely an IoT system for fleet management with GPS monitoring.  Parker's cloud-based IoT system offers the ability for companies with off-road equipment frequently used in the construction or mining industry to analyze and optimize spending related to operator behavior, fuel consumption, predictive maintenance and machine downtime. Real-time and historical data assists in job costing by providing objective results, which improves your bottom line and can prevent unpleasant expense surprises for you and your clients.

Improve Equipment Efficiency

Improve Equipment Efficiency

Customers can customize and adjust parameters, monitor their heavy equipment’s location, component health status including real-time signals.

Parker’s Mobile IoT enables organizations to create quantifiable and real-time dashboard statistics about the performance or utilization of their industrial equipment. These insights have the potential of helping users avoid unplanned downtime events through continuous monitoring with the use of alarms or analytical models.

Maximize Business Productivity

Maximize Business Productivity

Mobile IoT allows users to monitor assets while they are operating or idle, compare equipment’s utilization and improve resource allocation.

By remotely monitoring equipment performance, users obtain the insight to minimize the costs of servicing or troubleshooting performance issues while increasing uptime and positively impacting operating costs. Parker gateways allow remote software updates, eliminating the need to physically install new software or disrupt operations.

Ensure Operations Safety

Ensure Operations Safety

Parker Mobile IoT enables users to positively impact the safety of heavy equipment operators by proactively monitoring equipment performance to prevent unscheduled downtime, measure safety trends, coach equipment operators and improve performance.

Mobile IoT provides information to help operators better use equipment and reduce accidents as well as avoid fines and other downtime events by monitoring inspection compliance and other operators’ behaviors that impact machine abuse and accidents.

Prompt Service & Support in a Customizable Interface

Prompt Service and Support in a Customizable Interface

Transfer information from the cloud to custom interfaces to provide powerful services that help support customers in real time anytime from anywhere, which is invaluable. Mobile IoT enables users to remotely diagnose equipment status, help customers find replacement parts and reduce service downtime.

A custom interface that pairs with various types of machinery and technology makes interpreting data simple for users and enables managers to make data-driven decisions for their machines or fleets.

Easy to Integrate End-to-End

The Parker Mobile IOT solution works by creating a digital link from traditional on-machine networks to a secure Parker cloud, and then presents information via brandable, customizable, easy to configure digital interface that provides full visibility and advanced insight.

Applications Machine Gateway IoT Platform Services

Integrated Hardware and Software Services


Connect your machines and data to the IOT cloud. Hardware and connectivity options include 3G/4G cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, CANBUS, MODBUS and more.

Location Tracking

Track and locate your fleet of assets, view your assets on a global map and monitor current equipment status.

Organization and Branding

Define multi-tier accounts and specify groups of users by defining an organization structure and branding styles that fit your business and fleet operations.

Condition Monitoring

Monitor the condition of your assets by remotely customizing the signals and sensors to track. Build a custom dashboard using flexible widgets enabling you to remotely view the machine.

Faults Diagnostics

Monitor diagnostic faults from equipment and fix issues before it's too late. Notify your service department via email or text messages and enable your service team to be prepared before they touch the machine, helping improve customer uptime.

Alerts Management

Define alerts based upon thresholds and notify service personnel via email or text messages when conditions are above or below normal. Help correct behaviors impacting machine performance and improve productivity.

Reporting Analytics

Quantify asset utilization, fuel usage, work and idle times, track and export historical performance from your assets operations and deliver reports to your customers.

IQAN Connect

Integrate with IQAN tools including IQANdesign, IQANrun and IQANmeasure to integrate signals into telematics groups, configure and design your equipment controls and obtain invaluable data through our monitoring system.


Over the Air updates your IQAN controller using the IQAN tools and Parker IoT gateway, eliminating field service visits and reducing operations cost.

OEM and Fleet Manager Information

In addition to improving engineering and design concepts, off-road equipment OEMs can leverage data from Parker’s Mobile IoT solution to develop new equipment, with less simulation and modelling required. Using the real data from existing infrastructure, the options for finding new designs or even new uses for equipment can lead to new markets and new product lines for OEMs. This presents a huge opportunity for OEMs to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.
Mobile IoT can help fleet managers bill for projects and bid on jobs more accurately. Our fleet optimization solution is more than a fleet management tool, it can track heavy equipment use down to the minute and monitor related events such as fuel and maintenance to help fleet managers to better calculate cost, fleet sizing and create more accurate estimates for future projects. Mobile IoT is an effective way to reduce fuel costs, unnecessary idle time, accidents, and compliance violations.

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Find out how our Mobile IoT solutions can reduce asset downtime, eliminate unnecessary spend, ensure compliance and safety as well as gain critical visibility into the performance and locations of your heavy equipment. Real-time tracking is invaluable in terms of engineering future product enhancements and reduction of unscheduled downtime. Schedule a demo today to see how Mobile IoT can positively impact your business, whether you're an off-road equipment OEM or fleet manager.

Mobile IoT Product Support

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IoT data is merely a means to an end. The actual revolution hinges on an entirely new OEM manufacturing infrastructure coming together around machine data that is inherent in heavy, off-road equipment.

IoT for Construction Equipment + Much More

Parker's IoT solution is designed to connect everything from construction equipment to mining equipment. Heavy equipment, such as construction equipment, with embedded sensors, helps contractors analyze data about usage, maintenance needs, downtime, and more. This information can be used to make construction equipment more efficient by keeping better track of fuel use or predicting maintenance needs to reduce machine downtime. For instance, a construction company with this information could determine when to service the excavator and prevent expensive breakdowns before they happen. When applied to the firm’s entire fleet, IoT tech can greatly reduce its maintenance costs. Furthermore, one of the major problems in the construction industry are injuries caused due to accidents involving people and heavy equipment. As the number of heavy equipment continues to rise, the risk also increases. IoT can help to make the equipment smarter and safer. With the implementation of Parker's IoT solution, organizations can protect their heavy machinery such as construction equipment, improve fleet maintenance, and ensure the safety of their operators. Moreover, because of rapidly declining IoT sensor costs, businesses can harness the power of internet connectivity for pennies on the dollar.

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