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Unmatched Technical Expertise

With a century of experience at the component and sub-system application level, Parker understands exactly where to equip machines with sensors for optimal productivity insights and cost efficiencies.


Imagine if you could “light up” components within critical systems to gain visibility into wear and performance and predict failures before they occur? Voice of the Machine makes it possible.


Voice of the Machine is a centralized strategy to ensure standardization across all Parker IoT-empowered products. With Voice of the Machine solutions, you are assured of component-level IoT that is interoperable, secure, scalable and easy to use.

The Benefits of Voice of the Machine

Voice of the Machine makes it easier and more cost effective for you to remotely monitor assets to improve safety and reduce risk, maintenance cost and unplanned downtime while uncovering hidden opportunities to improve efficiency.


Setting the Context for Next-Gen Mobile IoT

Parker recognizes the importance of protecting your mobile equipment investment from abuse, neglect and unauthorized operation with features like condition monitoring, preventative maintenance notifications, asset management, location tracking as well as performance control capabilities. Parker’s Mobile IoT solution drives fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces carbon footprint as well as lowers overall operational costs.


Voice of the Machine is being implemented across a broad range of Parker products. Here are three examples already available.

Connected Factory Compressed Air

In manufacturing, compressed air is critical to keeping lines operating. With IoT-empowered compressed air systems, you can quickly deploy condition monitoring and predictive maintenance routines for factory compressed air piping systems.

Electro Hydraulic Control

Parker’s IQAN® Connect solution integrates intelligent hydraulic components with electronic control hardware and software to create a seamless digital system. With IQAN Connect, equipment performance is optimized and remote monitoring is simplified for OEMs and fleet managers.

Asset Tracking

The Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component tagging and asset management solution that focuses on critical-wear components to drive new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability. PTS can establish detailed asset location data, create and deploy custom inspection templates, store and retrieve historical inspection results and schedule and personalize MRO alerts and notifications.

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