Parker Jet-Pipe® electrohydraulic servovalves (EHSVs)

Jet-Pipe® Servovalves

  • Parker Jet-Pipe® technology is far less prone to contamination, a key advantage in power generation “dirty” environments. The unique jet construction enables most designs to receive and pass particles as large as 500 microns without malfunction. Plus Parker EHSVs offer 75% pressure recovery and neutral fail-safe capability.

  • Parker electrohydraulic servovalves (EHSVs) produce fewer unscheduled trips due to their highly reliable Jet-Pipe® first-stage and second-stage spool design. The result is an exceptionally stable, contamination-resistant, and erosion-tolerant EHSV that offers the longest expected life in the industry.

  • More than 30 FM-, CE-, and ATEX-certified valves are available off-the-shelf from authorized, dedicated power generation distributors for use in a variety of hydraulic, fuel system, and engine control applications for fossil fuel, combustion turbine, combined cycle, and nuclear power generation.

  • Our dedicated power generation distributors are located in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. They offer the global service solutions, OEM replacement parts, inventory availability, and one-day shipping necessary to achieve the logistics speed and efficiency you need.

  • Designed to system specifications, our expanded line of industrial EHSVs is competitively priced, offering competing lead times and a full, one-year warranty. These AS9100-certified servovalves offer aerospace quality, reliability, and performance, and are serviced to OEM standards.

Designed to GE specs

Designed to system specifications and AS9100-certified to aerospace standards, Parker Jet-Pipe® Servovalves can be used for the following GE specifications:

• 185A1891
• 185A1892
• 1343J95
• 183A2502
• 198A9040
• 351A7620
• 311A5177
• 268A1956
• 313A8764
• 312A6077*

*Parker EHSV designed to 312A6077 using equivalent (unreleased) drawing 221A3950

See how our EHSVs compare

We compare Parker Jet-Pipe® EHSVs to deflector-jet and flapper nozzle competitors, examining orifice size, contamination sensitivity, failure mode, pressure gain and recovery, flow recovery, low-temperature performance, first-stage pressure feedback, and erosion. This comparison chart can be downloaded below.

Superior Jet-Pipe® design

• Fail-to-center design
• Able to receive and pass particles up to 500 microns without malfunction
• Low sensitivity to vibration and shock
• Reduced high gain at null for increased stability
• Symmetrical torque motor design minimizes null shift
• Low maintenance
• Servo-controlled second stage
• Wide dynamic range
• Dry torque motor
• Lower life-cycle cost