Thermal Management Systems

Thermal Management Systems

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Thermal Management Systems Solutions

  • Signal Intelligence (ASIP)

    Signal Intelligence (ASIP)

    The Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (ASIP family of sensors) is a next-generation signals intelligence sensor (SIGINT) for the U.S. Air Force. Parker is a subcontractor for Northrop Grumman Mission Information Systems Sector.

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  • Electronics Surveillance (BAMS)

    Electronics Surveillance (BAMS)

    The Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) program provides persistent maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data collection and dissemination to the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force.

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  • Airborne Radar Processing (TRACER)

    Airborne Radar Processing (TRACER)

    The Tactical Reconnaissance and Counter-Concealment Enabled Radar (TRACER) program addresses the U.S. Army’s critical need to identify hidden targets, facilities and enemy equipment such as small roadside objects and buried weapons caches.

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  • Command and Control (CPP Light)

    Command and Control (CPP Light)

    The Command Post Platform – Light (CPP-L) allows commanders to maintain constant situational awareness and to conduct continuous battle command tasks simultaneously. Parker’s transit case cooling solution enables the Army customer to substantially reduce the size, weight and power (SWaP) of the vehicle environmental cooling system.

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  • Tactical Radar Processing (HALS)

    Tactical Radar Processing (HALS)

    The Helicopter Autonomous Landing System (HALS) enables operations of helicopters in adverse weather and/or environmental conditions, a commonly recognized challenge. This is especially true in today’s operating environments, where landing in brown-out conditions is a leading contributor to helicopter incidents.

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  • Ground Based Radar Processing (MEADS)

    Ground Based Radar Processing (MEADS)

    Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) is a transatlantic cooperative effort between the United States, Germany and Italy to develop an air and missile defense system that is tactically mobile and transportable.

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  • Command and Control (EFV)

    Command and Control (EFV)

    The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) is a self-deploying, high-water-speed, armored, amphibious vehicle capable of transporting Marines from ships located beyond the horizon to inland objectives.

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