Thermal Management Systems

Thermal Management Systems

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Thermal Management Systems - Products

  • FHT

    The FHT is a maintenance tool for servicing Parker enclosures and racks. Drip-less, quick-disconnect fittings reduce maintenance time without contamination or fluid loss during fill or drain tasks. The FHT filters and conditions the fluid whenever fluid is removed or replaced from a unit. Assembled into a rugged transit case, the FHT can be readily shipped and stored anywhere in the world. For added maintenance flexibility, 110V AC power is standard with an optional rechargeable battery pack for up to 20 hours of operation.

  • SI cart

    The system integration (SI) cart provides safe, flexible and rotational access to any enclosure in your integration/test lab or depot environment to facilitate system integration, testing or service. Key cart features include: an ergonomic design for operator-friendly handling; product handling convenience for safer, faster and more efficient access to and movement of the product for integration/test/service; mobility, facilitating transport and movement within the lab or depot environment; and flexibility, provided by a generic telescoping slip-joint frame adjustable to 1" increments. Brackets accommodating most 6U and 3U enclosures are also available.

  • LRU handles

    Created for the insertion, extraction, securing and carrying of LRUs, Parker’s LRU handles are designed to meet MIL-STD-810F and ANSI/VITA 47-2005 standards for use in tray- and rack-mounted LRU configurations. The tool has been designed for easy, one-handed use and weighs approximately one pound. The handles are available in any VITA 58 size and can be easily scaled to any dimension. Their low profile design utilizes only 1" of side and top space. A secondary stop prevents accidental release. The LRU handles provide a 6.5-to-1 mechanical advantage and ¾" of insertion/extraction travel.