Thermal Management Systems

Thermal Management Systems

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Thermal Management Systems - Products

  • Cold Plates:

    Parker's cold plate solutions are readily configurable to a wide range of applications including radar systems, power electronics and high-performance computing. Parker's thermal management and fluid system expertise enables us to provide our customers with a broad range of engineered thermal solutions — from discrete component cooling to full board and system cooling. Our in-depth thermal expertise with direct and indirect spray, evaporative spray, conduction flow-through and micro-channel evaporation cold-plate solutions allow our engineering teams to provide our customers with a reliable, robust and cost-effective solution for the most demanding environments. Our localized cold-plate solutions are designed to address multi-component hot spots where the electronics technology has outgrown its existing cooling solution. Parker's full circuit-board cold plates are designed to address whole circuit-board topographies with large amounts of heat or high-heat densities. Parker's macrolaminate and Macrospray® technology provides "focused cooling" and internal manifolding to optimize performance (such as surface temperature and pressure drop), as well as to eliminate leak paths for increased reliability.

  • Cold Plates: Line Replaceable Modules

    The Parker liquid flow-through (LFT) modules enable high-power densities while maintaining envelopes less than 1/4" thick in ruggedized military, aerospace, industrial and commercial applications. Parker quick disconnects allow dry-to-the-user insertion and extraction for simple field replacement in the most extreme environments. Typical LFT modules can provide 1,000W of cooling to a 6Ux160 mm card. The LFT modules are designed to meet VITA 48.3 for VME interfaces, MIL-STD-810F, ANSI/VITA 47-2005 and MIL-STD-461E.