Partner with Parker in Analytical Chemistry
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Solving your challenges in Analytical Chemistry.

Partner with Parker and see how we can work together to solve your challenges in Analytical Chemistry.

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We've built on our experience as the inventors of the VSO valve over 25 years ago and developed an innovative portfolio of pumps, valves, pressure controllers and mass flow controllers to fit your fluidic project needs.  As embedded partners in this industry we have acquired the material science expertise and we have Analytical Cleaning processes that are critical to enable the next generation scientific instrumentation. 

From component selection to prototyping to fluidic subsystem integration and production ramp - Parker is your trusted partner to bring your product to market quickly with minimal risk.


Partner with us to redefine your next flow controller circuit with VSO® LowPro GC.

High Flow, High Pressure Liquid Valve

The R9 rocker isolation valve improves
performance of 
analytical chemistry 
instruments requiring precision fluid control.


With 25 years experience, we have developed a legacy of repeatable and reliable performance and flow control design expertise that can solve your fluidic challenges.
Gas Chromatography
For over 30 Years Parker Precision Fluidics has been providing reliable fluidic solutions with high Chemical Resistance to the Liquid Chromatography market.
Liquid Chromatography
As manufactures of pneumatic pumps, gas control valves and liquid valves you can rely on our expertise to provide an fast, innovative and reliable complete solution from a single supplier.
Air Over Liquid