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Pressure Control Unit

Pneutronics VIP-Flex Pressure Control Unit converts a variable electrical control signal into a variable pneumatic output. The VIP controls pressure and can replace manual regulators. This product utilizes state-of-the-art technology and offers significant improvements over bleed air type devices. Some key features include internal closed loop control and external feedback to close a control loop, as well as jumper configuration for forward or reverse action operation. VIP is unaffected by mounting position or vibration and does not require instrument quality air.

For more specifics, please see the complete data sheet in pdf format.


Minimum Pneumatic Output Volume:
1 cubic inch

Output Range:
Standard =
0-12 PSIG
3-15 PSIG
0-20 PSIG
0-100 PSIG

Maximum Supply Pressure:
110 PSIG

Pneumatic Connection:
Step barbed fitting for
Polyethylene 5/32 O.D., 1/4 O.D. tubing and
Polyurethane, .078 I.D.,.094 I.D. tubing

Pressure Accuracy:
±1.5% FS Maximum

Main Power:
24 volts AC ± 10%
50/60 Hz or
24 volts DC ± 10%

Electrical Feedback:
20 PSIG versions:
0-20 PSIG = 1-5 volts
100 PSIG versions:
0-100 PSIG = 1-5 volts
Electrical plug-in connector
for #28 to #14AWG wire service

Current Requirement:
Max. @ 24 volts DC:
60 milli-amperes for
25 PSIG unit
200 milli-amperes for
100 PSIG unit
Max. @ 24 volts AC:
150 milli-amperes for
25 PSIG unit
200 milli-amperes for
100 PSIG unit

Operating Temperature:
0 to 55° C

Storage Temperature:
-40 to 55° C

Input Control Signal:
Standard = 4-20 mA
1-5 VDC

Calibration Adjustments:
0-85% full scale
15-100% full scale

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