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O-Ring Kits:
When part numbers are missing, seal dimensions are unknown, and the parts themselves are unavailable from the equipment OEM, these o-ring kits can save the day, not to mention hours of downtime. More than eight different standard kits give you a choice of compounds and o-ring sizes for a wide range of sealing applications. The end result? Multiple sealing solutions for the same cost as a single OEM replacement part.

Parker O-ring Division provides two lubricants for easing installation of O-rings: Parker O-Lube is a petroleum-based grease recommended for use with polyacrylate, Vamac, neoprene, fluorosilicone, nitrile, HNBR, polyurethane, fluorocarbon, Aflas, Hifluor, and Parofluor o-ring materials. Parker Super-O-Lube is a silicone fluid recommended for use with all rubber materials. Only a thin film of Super-O-Lube should be used with silicone rubber to prevent seal damage.

Measuring Cone:
A unique measuring cone and circumference "Pi" tape provide quick and easy o-ring sizing information to determine the nearest standard Parker O-ring size. Please note: the cone and tape do not measure actual dimensions of a part and cannot be used for pass/fail inspections.

Extraction Tools:
These unique double-ended tools make life easier for those who have to frequently install or remove o-rings from hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and equipment.

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