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The Fluid Systems Division designs and manufactures flame arrestors for the aerospace market.


Flame arrestors are designed to prevent flame propagation beyond the point of installation. Standard and custom flame arrestors are available for any installation.


Market Applications

  • Commercial, military and general aviation aircraft and helicopters
  • Fuel vent lines
  • Fuel line (wet)
  • Fuel dumps
  • Refueling booms
  • Dry bays



  • Tube, with threaded end fittings flame arrestors
  • Flange type flame arrestors
  • Flange type with positive/negative pressure relief valve flame arrestors


Technical Highlights

  • Flame arrestors are designed in accordance with aerospace specifications ARP5776, FAA Draft AC 25-975 and FAA Issue Paper P1, Project #ST5072SE-T
  • Flame arrestor housing available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Flame arrestor elements fabricated from 321 SS
  • Hexagonal layout of element provides good heat transfer and structural stability
  • Several element cell sizes available including .041 and .062 and wall thicknesses of .02 and .04
  • FAA SFAR compliance