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PL50 Multi-Point Injection Lubricators use an air pilot signal to provide positive displacement lubrication to either single or multiple points ensuring the predetermined amount of oil is delivered to each point per cycle regardless of pressure or flow.

The PL50 delivers oil externally to the air inlet to a pneumatic device where it is “tee’d” into the air line.


  • Oil Injector Module
    The oil injector module provides adjustable oil delivery in amounts up to 1 drop per cycle. Oil delivery adjustment is made by turning the adjusting knob increasing or decreasing the oil piston travel in the module. Optional visible oil delivery indicator(s) are available - and recommended - ensure visual proof of lubrication at each point.
  • Cycle Counter - 4 Position - Optional
    With the adjustable cycle counter, the lubricator can be set to dispense oil at a set number of cycles.
  • Pulse Generator - Optional
    For long cycle time applications, the pulse generator makes the lubricator dispense a pre-determined amount of oil multiple times during a single tool cycle. (Maximum of 10 modules above pulse generator.)

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