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At the forefront of developments in fuel injection technology, the Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division designs, manufactures, and services fuel injection nozzles, devices, and systems for the aerospace, marine, and power generation markets. Our products produce spray characteristics to maximize specific fuel consumption, increase combustion efficiency and reduce emissions.


With more than five decades of experience developing fuel injection systems for commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft engines, we have the proven reliability of billions of service hours.


We also have the power of a significant portfolio of patents. For instance, macrolamination is a novel patented technology that enables us to efficiently manufacture complex internal channels, which are essential for active thermal management in fuel injection systems for multi-staged advanced gas turbine systems.


In addition to aircraft engine applications, we apply our aerospace experience and fuel injection technology to land and marine applications, as well as large power generation machines, for which we provide a variety of fuel lances and burners.




Our nozzle types include:

  • Simplex and duplex
  • Dual orifice
  • Airblast and air-assist
  • Hybrid airblast
  • Spill return

We also provide:

  • Fuel control valves
  • Flow divider valves
  • Flow distribution valves
  • Augmentor spraybars
  • Lances and burners



  • Commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft engines -- more fuel nozzles in service on today’s newer and larger engines than any other manufacturer
  • Military ground vehicles
  • Ships and high-speed ferries
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Mechanical drives
  • Auxilliary power units
  • Electrical power generation
  • Distributed power generation


Technical Highlights

  • Fuel nozzles for low emissions engines
  • NOx level 83 percent below 1996 ICAO standard – NASA development
  • Optimized fuel placement and atomization for ignition and relight performance
  • Active thermal management – liquid fuel circuit may be inactive at temperatures of 1100 degrees F
  • Efficient packaging of multi-circuit, multi-fluid nozzles
  • Patented Macrospray® nozzle technology

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