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Parker's SL profile is considered a multiple lip seal. The primary sealing lip is provided by the precision knife trimmed rubber element that snaps into the Molythane base. The base of the SL profile provides the secondary lip which is aligned directly blow the primary lip to provide extrusion, and wear resistance. The SL Profile combines the sealing benefit of rubber with the wear and strength of Molythane. The beveled rubber lip geometry is excellent for cutting fluid film and the squeeze forces across the lips maintain sealing contact under low pressure or vacuum. Parker's ability to supply a variety of rubber compounds means the SL profile is compatible with a wide range of pressure, temperature and fluids. The SL profile is designed to work as a stand alone rod seal or can be used in tandem with a buffer seal. In piston applications, this seal will function as a unidirectional seal. SL profiles should not be installed back to back, in bi-directional pressure applications, as a pressure trap between the seals may occur.

Standard Materials*
N4180A80 Nitrile
P4615A90 Molythane

*Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Parker EPS representative.

Availability: 1.125" 6.50" rod/bore diameter

Not all sizes available in all materials.  Please call your Parker EPS representative for information.