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ETH32 + ETH100 ETH High Force Electro Thrust Cylinder

The ETH electro cylinder closes the gap between pneumatic and hydraulic actuators; it is suitable to replace those in many applications and simultaneously increase the reliability of the production process. Taking the costs for air and oil into consideration, you will find that in most cases an electromechanical system such as the ETH electro cylinder offers the more economical solution. Combined with a wide choice of accessories, it offers many possibilities in a wide variety of fields.


  • Unrivaled power density - high forces and small frame sizes

  • High service life

  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to lubricating access in
    the cylinder flange

  • Easy replacement due to pneumatic ISO flange norm
    (DIN • ISO 15552:2005-12) conformity

  • Integrated anti-rotation device

  • Reduced noise emission

  • Cabling can be concealed in the profile

  • Accessories with integrated force sensors help to allot
    and even to control forces precisely.

  • Optimized for safe handling and simple cleaning

  • All from one source
    We offer the complete drive train: Drive controllers, motors
    and gearboxes to match the Electro Cylinder



ETH series


Technical data


TypeETH Electro Cylinder
Frame sizeETH032 / ETH050 / ETH080 / ETH100 / ETH125
Screw pitch5, 10, 16, 20, 32 mm
Strokeup to 2000 mm 
Traction / Thrust forceup to 114 000 N
Speedup to 1.7 m/s
Accelerationup to 15 m/s2
Equivalent dynamic axial force at lifetime of 2500 kmup to 49 600 N
Efficiencyup to 90 %
Position Repeatabilityup to ±0.03 mm
Protection classesIP54
IP54 with stainless screws
DriveInline: Axial drive or parallel drive with high performance toothed belt
Directives2011/65/EC: Conform to RoHS   
94/9/EG: ATEX 
Equipment group II, Category 2
Please contact Parker for details
ClassificationETH032 / ETH050:
II 2G c IIC T4
ETH080 / ETH100:
II 2G c IIB T4
Conformity number
EPS 13 ATEX 2 592 X
(X: there are special conditions of use)

EL-Sizing Tool

EL-Sizing saves valuable time by avoiding complex recalculations. As soon as all your values have been entered, one button click brings up a list of all suitable linear drives in seconds. Complete linear drive/motor packages can also be selected.

Time-consuming catalogue searches for the drive, motor and accessories are eliminated by the automatically generated parts list, complete with order numbers.

El-sizing tool

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