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Modern microfiltration technology ensures production and packaging of perishable goods is done so aseptically, eliminating spoilage organisms and extending shelf life so your goods, whatever they may be, reach your customer with the exact desired taste.

Within the beverage industry, not only do certain applications of microfiltration extend shelf life, many also increase the visual clarity or even flavour compared to traditional methods of separation and pasteurization.

Parker Bioscience Filtration have now partnered with food and beverage producers for over 50 years to improve the quality and taste of their products.  As every process is unique and the performance expectations of each filtration system varies, our application experts will work with you to develop a tailored solution to ensure your beverage is free from contamination, full of flavour and visibly clear.

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    Industrial Fermentation

    Complete filtration and separation solutions for large-scale fermentation including sterile gas, integrity test instrumentation and complete fermenter and off-gas control.
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