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Total System Health Management - A comprehensive approach to long term asset health and reliability.

Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division has been an integral part of Parker Hannifin since 1968. Providing innovative hydraulic and lube filtration products of value to our customers is our commitment. Through organic growth and acquisitions, we expanded our reach into condition monitoring, ASME vessel manufacturing, fuel filtration, engine air and exhaust filtration. The following companies have been added through the years:

  • 1968 – Rosaen Filter Co
  • 1972 – Tell Tale Filters Ltd.
  • 1994 – Finn Filter
  • 1997 – Norco Products
  • 1998 – UCC
  • 2000 – Gresen Hydraulics (Hydraulic Group Acquisition)
  • 2001 – Fairey Arlon
  • 2012 – Camfil Farr Group
  • 2012 – Kittiwake Developments Ltd.
  • 2015 – Velcon Filters
  • 2017 – Clark Filters


Our commitment to manufacturing high performing, quality products for our customers remains our top priority. Engineering innovative solutions, we strive for a “Total System Health Management” approach in protecting hydraulic, lube and fuel systems. Our philosophy drives us to develop products to incorporate within systems or to stand alone, providing customers a comprehensive machine health management strategy that improves equipment up time, increases efficiency and reliability which directly translates to bottom line results.


  • Global Locations

    The Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division can manage global customer requirements in all stages of the process from concept, design and validation through to manufacture of complete hydraulic, lube, fuel, engine air and exhaust filtration.

  • Diagnostic

    Combining sensors and diagnostic tools with circuit filtration and off-line systems, machine operators receive real-time insight into changing system health. Fact based decisions are then made which improve up-time and minimize negative results to the bottom line.

  • Therapeutic

    Clean, cool and dry systems contribute to increased production throughput as well as machine reliability and longer fluid life. Therapeutic products can extend the life of your fluid beyond routine drain and change intervals as well as dramatically reduce waste and cost.

  • Preventive

    Selecting the correct filtration solution is vital to preserving the desired performance specifications of your system. Preventing component deterioration or even failure depends on the initial quality of your filtration solution.

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