Aerospace Filtration Division

About Us

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, the Aerospace Filtration Division (AFD) designs and manufactures a broad range of hydraulic, fuel, and lube oil filters for the aerospace industry. Our filtration products include an assortment of standard filter assemblies that are qualified to industry and military standards. We also provide exclusive filter designs for specialized applications.

AFD comprises of two business units which manufacture solutions for on-board aviation systems and ground fuel handling filtration solutions.

The Aerospace Business Unit (Greensboro, NC) manufactures products for commercial fixed and rotory wing applications as well as various military, space vehicle and support applications.

The Aviation Business Unit (Colorado Springs, CO) manufactures Parker Velcon brand filtration/separation and condition monitoring products that help to maintain clean dry fuel from the refinery to the wing and every points in between where fuel is transferred.

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