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Parker domnick hunter provides world class filtration, purification and separation solutions.

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    The Chemical industry employs processes, reactions and refining to produce a wide variety of solid, liquid and gaseous materials. Many are intermediates required for input into agricultural, rubber, plastics, textiles, petroleum and pulp & paper industries. Filtration is critical to ensure the long term life of equipment used in the manufacturing process. Learn More
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    In today’s global market place, consumers expect to receive maximum quality at minimum cost. The food industry is no exception with demand for all types of produce to be supplied to every inhabited place on the globe. Learn More
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    Laser Cutting

    Improvements in laser power sources and the advent of high-pressure, high-flow, assist-gas delivery systems have made oxide-free cutting of stainless steel, aluminium, and mild steel a cost-effective reality. Today's high-pressure cutting options make laser processing increasingly competitive with alternative processes, such as EDM and milling. Learn More

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