Chelsea Products Division

Chelsea Products Division

In the ever changing global business environment, all applications are not created equal. We can help you specify solutions in order to make informed purchasing decisions around technology, applications and relevant specification requirements. Parker can promise premier customer service, on-time delivery and a culture of continuous improvement so you remain competitive in the marketplace and achieve growth objectives.

Chelsea Products Division - Solutions

Quiet Gear Technology

Parker Chelsea’s QT Gear™ assembly design smooths out the torsional vibrations found in diesel engine applications without impacting the durability or torque capacity of the Chelsea Power Take-offs (PTOs). Drivers of work trucks are going to appreciate the quite operation of a PTO with QT Gear technology. Reducing noise always helps to make drivers more comfortable and allows them to be more productive. This new technology can be applied to nearly all our PTOs, which are engine driven by a live PTO drive gear in the transmission. To ensure that Parker’s QT Gear is suitable for the harshest environments, extensive developmental work and testing has been conducted in the USA, Australia, and Europe, encompassing engineering analysis, advanced modeling; durability testing; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) testing; fatigue testing; and field testing.


Smart Start Technology

Parker Chelsea has developed an innovative patent-pending smooth engagement solution for high inertia start-up applications.  Smart Start reduces the impact of high-torque/inertia demands for applications such as compressors, pneumatic blower, water pumps or mechanical generator applications.  Smart Start allows the Power Take-off (PTO) to come up to speed in a safe and efficient manner without sacrificing hose power. Smart Start manages the system pressure that is used to engage the PTO’s clutch pack, enabling it to absorb torque spikes and provide a smooth engagement.  Therefore, adding a Smart Start helps protect a transmission, PTO and driven equipment by preventing the spike torque found at start up from being transferred downstream into the transmission. Smart Start technology is ideal for tire service, truck mounted air compressors, bulk transporters or fire and rescue vehicles. 

Wet Spline Technology

Premature spline fretting or wear is often caused by the torsional vibrations found in the latest engine designs that operate at low speeds and high torque. In the past, keeping the pump shaft lubricated was an extensive process that had to be incorporated into the preventive maintenance schedule of the truck. Every two to three months the pump must be removed from the Power Take-off (PTO) and the mating shafts must be cleaned and regreased. The Chelsea Wet Spline option eliminates this process by providing a constant flow of clean, fresh oil to the PTO and pump shafts. In addition to reducing maintenance time with the elimination of regreasing the shafts, Chelsea Wet Spline’s offers simplified installation and eliminates the chance of corrosion between mating shafts, which both positively impacts uptime. Chelsea Wet Spline available output options include popular SAE, DIN and rotatable pump flanges for both military and commercial vehicles.