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Accumulator and Cooler Division
Accumulator and Cooler Division - Europe
Aftermarket AC and Refrigeration
Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division
Automation Division - China
Automation Korea Division
Chelsea Products Division
Chomerics Division
Composite Sealing Systems Division
Control Systems Division
Customer Support Operations - Aerospace
Cylinder Division - Europe
Domnick Hunter Filtration and Separation Division
Domnick Hunter Process Filtration Division
Electromechanical Division - Europe
Electromechanical Division - North America
Electronic Controls Division
Electronic Systems Division
Energy Grid Tie Division
Energy Products Division
Engineered Polymer Systems Division
Engineered Seals Division
Filtration & Separation Division - Balston Filter
Filtration & Separation Division- Finite Filter
Finite Airtek Filtration Division
Fluid Control Division
Fluid Control Division - Europe
Fluid System Connectors Division
Fluid System Connectors Division Europe
Fluid Systems Division
Fluidic Solutions Division
Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division
Gear Pump Division
Hiross Zander Filtration Division
Hose Doctor Opportunities
Hose Products Division
Hose Products Division - Europe
Hybrid Drive Systems Division
Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division
Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division - Europe
Hydraulic Controls Europe
Hydraulic Filter Division
Hydraulic Filter Division - Europe
Hydraulic Pump & Motor Division
Hydraulic Pump Division
Hydraulic Systems Division
Hydraulic Valve Division
Industrial Cylinder Division
Industrial Hose Products Division
Instrumentation Products Division
Integrated Sealing Systems Division
Medical Systems Division
Mobile Climate Systems Division
Mobile Controls Division - Europe
Mobile Cylinder Division
Nichols Portland Division
O-Ring Division
O-Ring Division- Europe
ORIGA Division
Oildyne Division
PGI Division
Pan Am Division
Parflex Division
Partek Division
Pneumatic Division
Pneumatic Division - Europe
Polyflex Division - Europe
Porter Instrument Division
Praedifa Technology Division
Precision Cooling Systems Division
Precision Fluidics Division
Pump & Motor Division Europe
Quick Coupling Division
Quick Coupling Division - Europe
RAC Division - Europe
Racor Division
Refrigerating Specialties Division
SSD Drives Division Europe
SSD Drives Division North America
Sporlan Division
Stratoflex Products Division
TechSeal Division
Tube Fittings Division
Tube Fittings Division Europe
Vane Pump Division
Veriflo Division
Water Purification

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