The Parflex division draws on more than 80 years of hands on experience in the development of new hose and tubing products to meet the ever changing needs for the market place.

Listed below are our newest products.

New, SCR Electrically Heated Hose Assemblies Help OEMs Become EPA Compliant

With Electrically Heated SCR Hose Assemblies from Parker’s Parflex Division, a cleaner exhaust system means a cleaner environment. Designed for heating and conveying DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) throughout the SCR system on commercial vehicles, Parflex SCR hoses are made to handle off-road applications while helping you stay Tier IV compliant. 

Twin-Lined Non-Conductive Hydraulic Hose

Fast-Stor® Dura-Flex™ is a new twin-lined non-conductive hydraulic hose that offers extreme flexibility due to a coiled design, even in cold temperatures. The coiled design is self-retracting, which aids in ease of handling and storage. Unlike competitive rubber hoses that are susceptible to ozone degradation, cracking, abrasion, and moisture ingression; Dura-Flex™ has a UV and ozone-resistant jacket that prevents such problems. This thermoplastic hose is 28% lighter than competing rubber hose assemblies.  

Fluoropolymer Hose

Pageflex SBF™ - an advanced design of Smoothbore PFA hose for use in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food processing industries. PAGE-flex SBF™ PFA Hoses offer half the minimum bend radius of conventional smoothbore products.
Sizes range from 3/8" up to 1-1/2".

Porous Fluoropolymer Tubing

ePTFE - micro-porous flexible PTFE. Specifically, the tubing is expanded creating tiny, micro-pores to make the ePTFE tube more like a fabric rather than a traditional tube. Acting like a fabric, the pores in the TexPore™ PTFE permit cells to attach to the tube as well as escape from the tube, depending on the application. When needed, the pores on the tube can be manufactured close enough together to support the transfer of fluids without leakage. Applications include wound healing, tissue sampling, insulators, water purification and filtration.

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