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New, SCR Electrically Heated Hose Assemblies 

Parker Hannifin’s Parflex Division now offers Electrically Heated SCR Hose Assemblies designed for heating and conveying DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) throughout the SCR system on commercial vehicles. Parflex electrically heated hoses have a thaw profile that performs better than traditional coolant heated hoses (time and consistency of thaw). Unlike similar electrically heated hose, the Parflex SCR hose locks-in the electrical heating wires with an extruded cover, providing better protection to the entire hose. Additionally, these assemblies come with heated fittings, standard, to create uniform heating through-out the entire assembly. Finally, the assembly is finished with an over-mold that protects all electrical connections from water/dust ingression and provides protection to the fitting.

The Parflex SCR Suction/Throttle line hose has a thermoplastic core with a thermoplastic jacket whereas the Pressure line hose has a specially formulated polyamide core tube to handle higher temperature applications. Both of these hoses are available in a 6mm I.D. size and Parflex SCR hose assemblies have multiple options for fittings, electrical connectors, and overall lengths that allow customization by the end user. The hoses can be manufactured for 12V or 24V systems. In addition, these hoses are manufactured in Ohio with third party certification for ISO 14001 and TS 16959.

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