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Diesel Biocide

Racor Diesel Biocide is a multifunctional petroleum distillate fuel additive. It is used to help maintain color stability and clarity; control bacteria, fungi, organic reaction and sludge formation; inhibit against corrosion; and disperse existent sludge.

Racor Diesel Biocide utilizes advanced chemistry of organic sulfur compounds to combat all forms of bacteria in fuel/water environments. Use with Racor Diesel Conditioner Plus+ for maximum performance benefits in all warm weather climates.


Racor Diesel Biocide can be used to eliminate and/or prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in petroleum distillate fuels and residual fuels including #1 diesel, #2 diesel, kerosene, gasoline and bunker c. Racor Diesel Biocide is intended for use in applications where petroleum distillate fuels and residual fuels are used - bulk storage tanks, locomotive fuel tanks, diesel trucks, diesel boats and ships, farm equipment, construction equipment and diesel generators.

Crude and Refined Oils

Racor Diesel Biocide is an oil-soluble preservative for the control of bacteria and fungi that cause the degradation of crude oils and refined fuel oils during storage. Crude oils and refined oils include, but are not limited to, olefinic, aromatic, paraffinic, and naphthenic oils.

EPA Registration No. 1448-172-47099.
EPA Establishment No. 072342-CA-001.

Kills faster and longer and more forms of algae and bacteria than other brands

Kills both aerobic and anaerobic fungi

Concentrated, extended time formula

EPA approved as both a biocide and aftermarket fuel additive

Prevents internal corrosion of
fuel delivery system and engine
components due to microbial fouling

Provides superior mixing with fuel at all temperatures

Fuel and water soluble

Does not cause foaming

Does not discharge toxic matter
(boron) into the atmosphere

Stabilizes fuel color and clarity

After initial treatment is complete, continued maintenance prevents fuel system blockage

Alcohol free