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The Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division designs and manufactures master cylinders used to transmit pilot pedal force into hydraulic pressure to actuate brake assemblies.


Our master cylinders can supply hydraulic fluid directly to the brake or can actuate a metering valve in powered braking systems. They are designed in multiple configurations and sizes to suit all aircraft configurations. Push-type and pull-type master cylinders are available in various bore diameters.


We built our pedigree manufacturing Cleveland Wheels & Brakes brand products, which are used on more than 80 percent of general aviation aircraft. Leveraging our reputation for providing effective, reliable braking, premier customer service, and savings on maintenance, downtime, and labor, we now provide master cylinder assemblies for military and business aviation applications.


Our Cleveland Wheels and Brakes general aviation replacement products are available worldwide through our independent network of qualified distributors.



  • Single and multi-engine piston aircraft
  • Light sport aircraft
  • Experimental aircraft
  • Turboprop aircraft
  • Regional aircraft
  • Personal jets
  • Business jets
  • Very light jets
  • Military and commercial rotorcraft
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles


Technical Highlights

  • Steel and aluminum extrusion and weldment construction
  • Designs from 0.552” to 1.117” diameter bore and 0.875” to 2.0” stroke
  • Overall lengths from 5.25” to 12.75”
  • Master cylinders are available with and without internal reservoirs