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DescriptionFile NameSize

Parker Drive Basic PDB [Version 1.0 - 01/2014]
For AC10 Series Variable Speed Micro Drives

PDB ProgramPDB_setup.exe2.2mb

Parker Drive Quicktool PDQ [Version - 08/2015]
For AC30 Series Variable Speed Drives

PDQ ProgramPDQ.zip300mb

Parker Drive Developer PDD [Version - 06/2016]
For AC30 Series Variable Speed Drives

PDD plugin for Codesys (requires Codesys or later (SP6 minimum)
Release Notes 
CoDeSys Download Page (username: cst_parker_pender, password: CODESYS) CoDeSys Download Page

AC30 Drive Scope Tool AC30 Drive Scope Tool

AC30V Firmware V1.12.2 AC30V
Release Notes 

AC30P/D Firmware V2.12.2 AC30P/D
Release Notes

DSELite Configuration Tool [Version 3.04 - 06/2015]
For all AC650/690/890 series ac drives
DSELite ProgramDSELite_Install.exe187mb
Communication Files    
These downloads contain all files necessary to setup communication options.    
CANopen EDSCANopen eds.zip131kb
ControlNet EDSControlNet eds.zip5kb
Profibus GSD File Editorprofibus gsd.zip1mb
ProfinetProfinet IO.zip126Kb
Lonworks XIFLonworks XIF.zip2Kb
ESI (EtherCAT Slave Interface) for 8903/CT optionESI_890.zip2Kb
DSI8000 Software for the TS8000    
DSI8000 Software ProgramDSI8000Setup.exe28mb
DSI3 Software Program - compatible with TS8006/00/00, TS8008/00/02, TS8010/00/02 and TS8015/00/00 onlyDSI3Setup.exe54mb
TS8000 Comms Files    
These downloads contain all files necessary to setup communication options.  
Devicenet EDSTS8000_EDS.zip1kb
Profibus GSDTS8000_GSD.zip2kb
6911 Keypad    
Firmware updates6911 Firmware updates.zip65kb
Legacy Software - No longer supported  
CELite+ Program [Ver 3.0.64 Feb 8, 2007]CELite+.exe11mb
CELite+ Software Installation NotesCELite+ Install Notes.hlp11kb
ConfigEd Lite Program [Ver 6.10 Oct 31, 2008]CELite.exe15mb
ConfigEd Lite Software Installation NotesCELite Readme.hlp11kb
ConfigEd & LINK Database [CDR Version-Iss 5.18 Jan 12, 2005]database.zip15mb

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