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PV Laser-Scriber System
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Parker Hannifin has developed a breakthrough solar scribing system capable of extreme accuracy and speed in the production of photovoltaic cells. The machine uses a laser to scribe the straightest line in the world while floating the glass on an air bearing. Accuracies of 3 microns over the entire surface of the glass are achievable.
Parker Gearheads Featured on Prototype This
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In this episode from the Discovery Channel's new series, engineers design and build a "Six-Legged, All-Terrain Vehicle," which uses PS115 gearheads from Parker Bayside.
See Trilogy Linear Positioners in Action
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This video shows the dynamics of linear motor systems. It contains several linear motors moving very quickly. There are several horizontal axes, including a track with two forcers, and two motors moving in a vertical plane. Trilogy Positioners are perfect for high performance linear motion. Used with permission from the Braas Company.
Sorting Beer Bottles With Parker's Compax3 and HPLA
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Customer Recop Electronic, GmbH uses Parker Electromechanical Automation products to sort recycled beer bottle at Beck's Brewery in Bremen, Germany.
The HPLA belt driven linear actuator and the Compax3 servo drive provide motion for a sorting system capable of sorting 76,800 empty bottles of beer in an hour.
Parker Motors Drive the Next Generation Space Explorer
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Parker servo wheel motors are used on Jet Propulsion Laboratory's (JPL) ATHLETE -" All Terrain Hex Limbed Extra Terrestrial Explorer." A special version of Parker Bayside's servo wheel is used on the end of each to drive the rover. The video shows a prototype which is half scale and includes a detailed discussion of the wheels.
Parker Company Video: Engineering Your Success
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Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, partnering with its customers to increase their productivity and profitability. Engineering Your Success.

Parker Ads: "Engineers See the World Differently - Sushi"
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Parker Ads: "Engineers See the World Differently - Baby Shower"
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Parker Ads: "Engineers See the World Differently - Hippity Hop"
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Parker's "Engineers See the World Differently" campaign won awards at the 2nd Annual American Business Awards (the "Stevies") for "Best Television Ad Campaign" and "Best Television Spot." The campaign primarily targets engineers who design, specify, and use technology. A trio of spots give a humorous nod to engineers who are always focused on their work, as inspired by actual engineers in focus groups the company conducted to develop the campaign.



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