Chomerics Division





SPRINGMESH™ Highly Resilient Mesh Gasket
SPRINGMESH™ gaskets feature a highly resilient, hollow knit, tin-plated steel mesh that provides excellent recovery from high compressive forces. Compression set is less than 30% at 80% compression. Round profile SPRINGMESH gaskets are ideally suited for gasket-in-a-groove applications, such as in cast housings for outdoor CATV boxes, NEMA enclosures with outboard environmental seals, and industrial enclosures.

POLASHEET® and POLASTRIP® gasketing are composite EMI shielding and weather sealing materials. Monel wire embedded in silicone and oriented perpendicular to mating flange surfaces provides the EMI shielding. Either solid or sponge silicone can be specified as the weather seal. Wires are crimped for additional resiliency. POLASHEET materials are supplied in sheet form from which gaskets are easily die-cut. POLASTRIP gaskets are provided in strip form or as finished custom gaskets fabricated from strips.

COMBO STRIP® Wire Mesh and Elastomer Weather Seal
COMBO STRIP® gaskets combine Chomerics' MESH STRIP gasketing in parallel with an integral elastomer weather sealing strip. They are available with or without adhesive backing in a broad range of standard cross sections. COMBO STRIP gaskets are recommended for applications requiring a weather seal in addition to EMI shielding. The standard mesh is monel or Ferrex (tin-plated, copper-clad steel) wire.

METALASTIC® EMI Gasketing with Pressure Seal
Chomerics METALASTIC® gasketing is a composite EMI and pressure seal in thin sheet form. Shielding is provided by woven aluminum mesh. Pressure sealing is achieved by neoprene or silicone elastomer impregnated in the mesh. PORCUPINE METALASTIC® gasketing is available in two forms: EMI shielding with pressure seal and EMI shielding only. Shielding is provided by expanded monel foil. For pressure sealing properties, the expanded monel is filled with silicone elastomer. All METALASTIC gasketing is available in sheets and die-cut shapes.




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