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Parker offers a wide range of DC drives solutions to maximize flexibility and increase performance. Parker DC drive products meet a variety of industrial applications.

Using the same 32-bit control architecture as our current range of AC drive products, Parker's range of digital DC drives provides the same high level of functionality as comparable AC drive systems, while simultaneously allowing the user to integrate both AC and DC drive systems in a single machine with the same interface and software.

By retrofitting existing DC motor applications with Parker digital DC drives, the user can avoid the cost of replacing an existing DC motor, while still enjoying the benefits of a flexible control platform and high performance drive. The unique DRV range comes with all of the extras, including fuses, contactor, and control transformer, making replacement of older DC drives economical and easy. 

TechnologyCurrentSupply voltageDescription
506/507/508 series

Analog, 1 quadrant

Up to 12A110-120VAC, 220-240VACSimple motor control with tachometer or voltage feedback
512C series

Analog, 1 quadrant

Up to 32A110-115V, 220-240VAC, 380-415VACLow power system drive with isolated control circuits
514C seriesAnalog, 4 quadrantsUp to 32A110-500VACFour quadrant regenerative control version of 512C 
DC590+ integrator seriesDigital, 2 or 4 quadrantsUp to 2700A110-690VAC (depending on frame)DC systems drive compatible with Parker AC system drive products
Packaged DrivesAnalog or digital, 2 or 4 quadrantsUp to 2700A110-500VACEnclosed DC drives with selected pre-engineered options and features for maximum flexibility and minimum lead time. 
Legacy DC DrivesDocumentation for legacy DC drives and older software/firmware versions of current units.

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