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Parker's 8400 and 8500  Series U-Rings are symmetrical lip seals for use in either rod or piston sealing applications. The thin, flexible lip design reacts to low pressure and provides an extremely smooth, steady movement with less break away force required because of the inherent low friction. Both the 8400 and 8500 U-Rings are produced from the same molds. They are separated by design of the precision knife timed sealing edge. The 8400 style utilizes a beveled lip, ideal for wiping fluid film, while the 8500 design utilizes a flat, scraper lip that yields additional lip interference and wipes contamination away from the sealing edge. Both U-rings are available from a variety of rubber compounds to cover a wide range of applications. While the 8400 and 8500 U-Rings are primarily designed for pneumatic applications, they can also be used in low to medium pressure hydraulic applications. The pressure range of the U-rings may be extended by the utilization of supporting back up rings.

Standard Materials
N4180A80 Nitrile
N4274A85 Nitroxile
V4208A90 FKM

Availability:  0.125" to 17.125" rod/bore diameter
Not all sizes available in all materials.  Contact your Parker EPS representative.



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