Feb 1,2013

New Line of Hydrogen Gas Generators Produces up to 1,300 cc/min of 99.99999+% Pure Hydrogen to Eliminate Cylinder Gases and Improve Safety

Haverhill, MA February 1, 2013 – The Filtration and Separation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced a new line of high pressure hydrogen generators that will produce up to 1,300 cc/minute of 99.99999+% pure hydrogen and eliminate dangerous and expensive cylinders of hydrogen fuel gases and helium carrier gases.

The Parker Balston H2PEM-PD series hydrogen generators will allow users to supply, control, and automate all hydrogen gas supplies.  A single generator can support up to as many as 20 instruments with fuel and carrier gas and are also ideal for Fast, Ultra-Fast and Flash GC requirements Other applications include fuel gases for total hydrocarbon analyzers, supply gases for hydrogenation reactors, hydrogen for pilot scale fuel cells assays and hydrogen for collision reaction gases.

Special features include:  Output pressure to 175 psig; a maintenance-free self-regenerative palladium membrane; an advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrochemical cell protection system with microprocessor controls; a unique water hydration circulation system; USB capability with software options for remote monitoring, control and load balanced cascading; blue intensity back lighted display for simple operator use with touch screen visuals for system status checks; automatic water filling; and data logging performance controls for preventive maintenance with reporting tools for use in regulated environments where system validations may be required.

Backed by a 3-Year PEM cell warranty, each generator is available from the USA and is supported by a fully staffed sales and service organization.

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For additional information, contact Parker Hannifin Corporation, Filtration and Separation Division, call toll-free at 1-800-343-4048 or 978-858-0505.  Parker Hannifin Corporation, 242 Neck Road, Haverhill, MA  01835-0723. www.parker.com/fns/balstonlabgasgenerators.
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Judy Silva, Marketing Communications Manager Phone 1-800-343-4048 jasilva@parker.com