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Certified products for natural gas vehicles

Parflex's global presence in the CNG market for natural gas vehicles and fueling stations allow OEM revenue growth by selling into multiple geographies given the CSA (NA) and ECR (EMEA) approvals on CNG Hose.

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Parflex is a Global Leader in Engineered Polymer-Based Hose and Tubing, Providing Components and Systems for Fluid Conveyance.

Our products raise the bar when it comes to fluid transfer. Parflex hoses are more compact without reducing flow, more flexible without compromising strength and lighter without diminishing performance. With many of our products being designed for use in extreme applications, Parflex is a solution partner for many companies, developing products that extend the life of their equipment and where possible, increase safety for operators.

The Parflex headquarters resides in Ravenna, Ohio, with offices, a manufacturing plant and a state-of-the-art Polymer Innovation Center where design expertise, polymer development, processing options and testing services are available to customers. Our dedicated team extends their reach through the nine manufacturing locations Parflex has around the globe.

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MicroWeld™ Flame Resistant Tubing - 95FR Series

95FR Series Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing is an ideal option for low to medium pressure air and water supply lines where weld spatter protection is required.  


Learn more about the benefits of partnering with Parflex and about our products, including the best portable crimper on the market, the Parker Minikrimp™.

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Learn more from the experts at Parker and follow our blog or read our latest post, "How to Choose a Heated Enclosure System Supplier for Power Generation."

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As little as 1/8" of misalignment to the connection could create enough issues to potentially shut down an operation and require the product to be re-worked.  See how our customers are solving this problem with formed hose and tubing.

Certified products for natural gas vehicles

Parker offers the most comprehensive range of fully-certified, multi-technology systems and components for natural gas vehicles and fueling stations. Get the latest information on NGV product certifications and resources. Download the white paper.

Heated Enclosures

Complete your heat trace system with a Multitube® heated enclosure. We offer a fully integrated heated enclosure and sun shades to protect field mounted instrumentation.

heat trace tubing system - heated enclosure

Why Fluoropolymers?

They thrive where other polymers fail. A Fluoropolymer is characterized by a high resistance to solvents, acids and bases while operating at elevated temperatures. 

tubing handles extreme hot and cold


Parflex products stand the performance test of time in extreme conditions. Click the button to the right for highlights.

Check out Parker's Food and Beverage site, bringing together all of the solution-built products that keep your food & beverage packaging equipment safer, cleaner, and leaner.

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