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    Being a solutions provider means helping our customers achieve higher levels of success by engineering the best systems for their requirements. It means looking at the customer applications from many angles to find new ways to create value.

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What's New

Parker Compact EHA (Electro-Hydraulic Actuator):

The Parker Compact EHA combines the features and benefits our customers and markets have requested in a robust and economical package. The integral actuator, motor, and pump complement a myriad of short stroke applications requiring power density. The system design is simple with low weight and small space claim.

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Cartridge Piston Pump

Compact Fluid Power Redefined by the Oildyne Cartridge Piston Pump

This Oildyne cartridge pump raises the standard for compact fluid power! This three-piston cartridge pump is an efficient, fixed-displacement pump that provides high performance at a very economical price. Pressure ratings of up to 276 bar (4000 psi), driven speeds of up to 5000 rpm, and the ability to provide a variety of seal types make this the solution to your unique applications. The uni-directional pump is capable of pumping fluids ranging in viscosity from solvents to thick fluids.

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