Precision Cooling Systems Division

Tying renewable energy sources to the grid.

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Precision Cooling Systems offers solutions for a variety of industrial applications, including:

- Renewable Energy (wind turbine systems, solar and energy storage)

- Industrial Power Cooling (motor drives)

- Data Centers (IT Hardware) 

- Heavy Duty Hybrid-Electric Equipment for mining, construction, and more.  

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Precision Cooled Rack Solutions

Wind turbine capacity, particularly for offshore turbines, continues to grow each year with 5-10MW on the horizon. Even with efficiency improvements, key power generation subsystems, including generators, power conversion electronics and transformers, are challenged to manage an ever increasing amount of heat within the limited space offered inside the nacelle. 

Precision Cooling Systems Solutions

Parker's precision cooling systems and solutions are ideal for a number of applications, spanning wind turbines and grid-scale storage, to industrial motor drives, and data centers to hybrid heavy equipment. Our solutions include an integrated rack system, a stand-alone cooling unit system, and cold plate assemblies and manifolds.