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    Gear Pump Division

    Being a solutions provider means helping our customers achieve higher levels of success by engineering the best systems for their requirements. It means looking at the customer applications from many angles to find new ways to create value.

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What's New

GEROTOR  Series Pumps & Motors:

GEROTOR  Design, High Speed/Low Torque [HSLT]

  •  Aluminum construction
  •  Bi-directional rotation
  •  Motor shaft speeds up to 5000 RPM
  •  Pump shaft speeds up to 3500 RPM
  •  Up to 17 HP output for motors


Our dump body pump/valve products deliver the right flow range for most applications at 1800 RPM/2000 PSI

The Broadest Choice
We sell more pump/valve combinations for dump trucks and trailers than any other manufacturer for two reasons: our pump/valve family offers the broadest choice of flow ratings; these units provide the most reliable, trouble-free control for dump trucks.

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