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    Parker's Hiross Zander Filtration Division offers over 80 years of combined experience in the development, manufacture, application and sale of innovative technical solutions in air and gas filtration, drying, separation, cooling and purification.

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Parker acquires UK siloxane removal specialist PpTek Ltd to create comprehensive, market-leading biogas treatment portfolio

PpTek is the market leader in the provision of regenerative siloxane removal solutions. Based in Yapton, West Sussex, UK, PpTek will become an integrated business unit within the Hiross Zander Division, thus enabling Parker Hannifin to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the biogas conditioning market.

“PpTek’s expertise in combination with Parker Hannifin’s products and in-depth knowledge of gas treatment and dehumidification results in a powerful portfolio in the biogas conditioning market,” stated Guido Fogolari, General Manager, Hiross Zander Filtration Division. “We can now offer our customers holistic solutions to condition their gas to be used for combined heat and power, gas-to-grid and gas-to-vehicle installations. In addition, we will jointly develop new products for this emerging market.”

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Environment protection is one of the most important challenges of the new millennium.

The choice towards innovative technical solutions aiming at using low energy consumption components, has always represented a fundamental starting point for the R&D. 

Their industrialisation aims at improving the production processes, with short delivery times and significant cost reductions both for the company itself and the customers, and a general lower resources consumption for the environment, such as the choice of recycled materials for packaging.