Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Hybrid RunWise® Technologies

Hybrid Technologies

  • “The feeling of the braking is smoother, a whole lot smoother. The Hybrid Truck helps me do my job better!” John Lewis, Waste Truck Driver for Miami-Dade County

  • “Since I got the new Hydraulic Hybrid truck my driving experience has been much more enjoyable. I have been able to finish my route quicker. And as far as acceleration goes and as far as stopping and starting it’s much more effective, because the truck takes off faster. “ Scotty Rogers, Waste Operator 2 for the City of Miami

  • “The traditional refuse trucks we are running today are averaging about 55-60 gallons a day. And the hybrid hydraulics are getting anywhere around 30-35 gallons a day. So that is significant when you are completing your route. We have 185 trucks, if we had 185 hydraulic hybrids we would see a larger savings.” Daniel Diaz, Division Director Fleet Management for Miami-Dade County

  • “I have been comparing monthly fuel analysis on the truck. As compared to the truck that it replaced on the same route with the same driver. In December of 2010, the fuel savings by the Parker RunWise hybrid truck yielded 47% fuel savings. The last report that I ran for the month of January the fuel savings actually increased, and it was just slightly over 50%.” Jose Davila, Superintendent for the City of Miami

RunWise Saves Fuel!

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An average Class 8 truck burns 9800 gallons of diesel each year! Parker's RunWise can help reduce your refuse truck's fuel consumption up to 50%. Therefore saving 980 5-gallon gas cans every year. An amazing fuel displacement measure by anyone's count.

What is a Hybrid Vehicle?

When referring to trucks, a hybrid refers to a vehicle whose power train combines the power from two or more sources. Typically one source will be the engine or prime mover, the second source can be from a battery or ultra capacitor in electric hybrids or from a flywheel in mechanical hybrids or from an accumulator in the case of hydraulic hybrids. Learn about Parker's RunWise® Advanced Series Hybrid Drives for truck applications and solutions.

NEW! How RunWise Works

RunWise hit the streets of Southern Florida September, 2010. View our latest video to hear feedback from the source: the drivers and fleet managers. See the results verified by the fleets. Also, learn how Parker's hydraulic hybrid works.

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