Water and Beverage

Water and Beverage

  • Unique – LIQUIfit™ is a commercialized line of technically superior fluid system fittings, valves, cartridge, tubing and accessories that offers game-changing, leak-free innovation for fluid applications.

  • Decreased fatigue – LIQUIfit’s™ patented sealing technology enables a lower insertion force, decreasing worker fatigue during assembly and reducing the incidence of repetitive stress injuries.

  • Reduced cost – The low-profile, full capability cartridge and push-to-connect features make LIQUIfit™ connectors extremely cost-effective.

  • Smaller for quick and easy routing – The compact profile of LIQUIfit’s™ downsized designs facilitate quick and easy routing in tight spaces.

  • Broader temperature range – A temperature range of -10°C to +95°C (+14°F to +203°F) make LIQUIfit™ the connectors of choice for both hot and cold beverage dispensing. Plus LIQUIfit meets all low-lead requirements.

Success Stories

A residential faucet manufacturer needed to reduce the lead content in their faucet waterway to comply with new lead-free legislation. The solution had to fit within the tight size constraints of a residential faucet design without reducing the flow rate.

Parker LIQUIfit™ cartridges allowed the manufacturer to replace the faucet waterway in the existing space and meet the new low-lead requirements. In addition, the solution was extremely cost-effective, lowering overall product cost by reducing assembly time, product envelope and component inventory carrying costs.

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Better by Design

Truly original, LIQUIfit™ solves a number of problems associated with push-to-connect fittings used for water treatment, reverse osmosis and filtration applications. Its full-flow profile delivers maximum capability, while its compact, push-to-connect design facilitates the tightest tube bends in the industry. For OEMs, LIQUIfit cartridges offer tremendous flexibility.

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LIQUIfit™ Ball Valves

Made of glass-reinforced polypropylene for superior mechanical strength and chemical resistance, LIQUIfit ball valves offer an innovative design for maximum capability and optimum performance. Thirty-nine configurations in both metric and fractional inch expand application possibilities, while the valve’s full-flow, self-cleaning ball raises the bar for quality and durability. An EPDM D-seal secures connection with a larger surface area than standard O-rings to increase seal compression on the tube. LIQUIfit ball valves are NSF certified and FDA compliant.

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